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The transformation of Akijitsu to Aikido was the diligent efforts of Morihei Ueshiba ( O Sensei ).

His task was to change the Martial Art into a form that taught love and harmony rather than violence and destruction.

Master Ueshiba was born in 1883. Besides studying philosophy and religion, Master Ueshiba enthusiastically studied various martial arts including jo-jitsu and kenjitsu

Sokaku Takeda Sensei

Was the hereditary master of unarmed self defenceknown as Daito ryu Aiki Jutsu. In 1905 Takeda Sensei and Master Ueshiba met. This meeting changed the life of Master Ueshiba and brought about the eventual birth of Aikido from his studies of Aikijitsu.

Sen do kai

Yoshinkan style

The essence of Aikido training is that Aikido leads along the path to oneness with the Universe and the coordination of body and spirit to become one with nature.

Aikido begins and ends with courtesy, not in form alone, but in heart and mind as well. Respect the teacher who teaches you.

You should not become angry, if you do it shows that your mind has wandered from the path.

Anger is something to be ashamed of in Aikido, Those who are easily angered lose courage at important moments, neither should you criticize others.

The mountain does not laugh at the river as it is so lowly, nor does the river speak ill of the mountain. Speak ill of others and it will surely come back to you.


Anyone thinking of learning the Sen do Kai (Yoshinkan) style of Aikido should consider the following:-

Aikido is a Martial Art with a history of over eight hundred years. The techniques have been evolved on the battlefield and in hostile conditions. Very often during the growing up period of the art, people gave their lives in search of perfection.

The essence of becoming good at any art, sport or skill, is practice, practice and still more practice. In the western world too many people watch skilled practitioners of the art at work and decide that it is easy.

They join a group only to discover that it is very hard, that it requires guts, determination and more important humbleness.

Very often a student will start practicing, pass one or two of the lower examinations and decide that what he is learning is boring and that he should be throwing people all over the place, just like the senior grades. What the student does not realise is that those students they see throwing or being thrown, have conditoned their bodies and reflexes and can safely practice in this way. If you practice very hard, listen to your Instructor, then the fast techniques will become as a natural progression.

The time spent in practice is important too, one evening a week, will after many years help you, but a little practice everyday is the only way to perfection.

In Aikido the first six months of practice are basic exercises and movements, designed to condition your mind and body, only after this period do you begin to understand Aikido. If you consistently miss practice, it is considered that you are wasting the time of both you and your Instructor.........

Remember your Instructor will show you the way, he or she started like yourself and had to work hard, the hard work is rewarded by your Instructor showing you more of the "secrets" of the techniques, the little skills that he had to learn..


London, Herts and Surrey Clubs


Sendokan Dojo

Everett lodge - Borehamwood

(by invitation only Instructors class)

Tuesday - 7.45pm to 10.15pm - map


Sendokan Dojo

Blackwell Hall

90 Uxbridge Road Harrow Weald Middx HA3 6QD

Thursday - 8pm to 10.30pm




Bedfont Aikido Club (Elmbridge)

Now re named by Honbu


Studio 2

Xcel Leisure Complex

Waterside Drive

Walton on Thames


KT12 2JG

Wednesdays 8.15pm to 9.45pm


Contact Rod on 07721 864 268


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